Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Peacock Costume DIY

{Madame Peacock}
 Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Let me start off by saying that this post is so late already but it is one of my favorite holidays, so better late than never, right?  I chose a Peacock this year because I love the colors and the design of the feathers. To me, Peacocks are such glamorous birds! And I-love-glamor!
Originally, it was my full intention to go all out  because last year I threw on some cat ears and a tail and called it a night. It ended up that I was in the process of finalizing some moving plans, so I ran out of time to do something super elaborate. It did turn out so cute though! Read below on some tips on how to make your own Peacock costume!

Peacock Costume Inspirations $199.99 (yikes!)
Fredrick's of Hollywood Mask $59
Super cool peacock eye make-up!
Had I purchased the exact costume and mask I wanted, I would have ended up spending over $250. Last I checked, I still haven't won the lottery. My hand-made costume ended up costing me approximately $30. I already had a black corset & fishnet thigh-highs previously purchased from Fredrick's of Hollywood years ago and I also had  ruffle bloomers from Hot Topic.

Peacock Mask How To:
I purchased the following supplies from Michael's: 
  • 1 peacock feather pick (not shown in picture)
  • 1 set of black masks (3 pack)
  • 1 spool black ribbon trim
  • 1 box of multi-colored and sized gems
  • 2 glitter glues (silver and black with green)
  • A bag of small black feathers
  • Glue Sticks for my glue gun
  1. I started off by drawing the outline for the shape of the mask I wanted and then cutting. You can't tell in the picture, but the eye holes were too far apart for my eyes so I also had to cut the holes wider and in the shape that I wanted. 
  2. I then glued the ribbon trim (you can use fancier trim if you want to pay extra) around the outer edge of the mask with my glue gun.
  3. I strategically placed and glued 6 white medium sized gems to the mask.
  4. I removed the elastic head wrap and used the ribbon trim instead because it was prettier and I could adjust the tightness. 
  5. With the silver glitter glue, I outlined the gems and drew wavy lines across the top and bottom of the mask. It was a little too silver so I then followed up with the black/green glitter glue over the silver but in a thinner coat. I also placed small consecutive glitter does on the actual ribbon trim to make it more glamorous. I set aside the mask to let it dry.
  6. The peacock feather pick I purchased was beautiful and already in perfect shape to be placed on the side of the mask. I embellished it with some additional (about 4) black feathers that I glued to the front and of the pick. I cut the extra wiring off and glued the pick to a barrette that I had. I wanted the peacock feather pick to also be a hair piece that could be removed from the mask and placed in my hair when I got sick of wearing the mask. I finally glued on large aqua blue gem to the bottom of the pick so you couldn't see the wire and to add a little more sparkle.
  7. When everything was dry I clipped the peacock barrette to my mask and voila!

Tutu How To:

Tutus are so EASY and fun to make! I just followed this simple tutu tutorial from the Idea Room. Spools of tulle and elastic can be purchased at Michael's or Joann's. I purchased 3 spools: black, black sparkly, and olive green organza (not tulle). 

Tail Feathers How To:
  1. Peacock feathers are easy to find at craft stores such as Joann's and Michael's. I purchased a set of 5 single feathers from one Michael's and then when I realized they were too sparse,  I went out to get more. I found an awesome bunch of  peacock feathers on a large pick at another Michael's, so I bought 2 of those bunches and 2 small green feather picks that matched but were not peacock style. 
  2. I used left over tulle on the spool and measured out enough that I could tie around my waist. I used a glue gun to glue the feathers in a fan-like shape onto the tulle so they would stay up and then I could wrap around my body. I glued the feather to the middle of the tulle so I could tie the loose ends together around my waist. Tip: If I could do it again, i would not fan them out as much because at the party, people were accidentally bending or breaking my feathers if they got to close. You can also add feathers to your corset or around the top of your corset for a more detailed look.

End Result:
Shake a tail feather!
Happy Halloween!


  1. Awesome Oana!!! That is quite the sexy little look beautiful!

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    I should admit the entire article has been very enlightening and intensely well crafted. You should keep it up forever! Best of luck

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  4. I just saw this on Pinterest and will be using it to make my daughter's costume! I love the tail feathers! Of course since she's 9 there wil be a longer tutu though and no thigh highs, LOL! Thank you for sharing!

  5. awesome! exactly what i was looking for in my halloween costume this year; cheap, easy to make&something unique and different! Thanks So Much!!

  6. Thanks so much for all the information. I used it all to help me make my 10 year old daughter's costume and she LOVES IT!! I also omitted the thigh highs and corset. :) This was SO helpful!!!

  7. Do you have a picture of the front of the corset?

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