Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Tea Party Bridal Shower

My amazing mother, Livia, who organized the wonderful Tea Party Bridal Shower

When Alin and I got engaged, I was ecstatic at the thought of planning all of our wedding festivities- every single one of them. That's right, I was THAT bride that was in control of all of the details (I know what I want, and I make it happen!). Thanks to my mom, probably the only person I would entrust with such tasks, all of my event ideas came to life! My bridal shower was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! The Tea Party theme I envisioned was going to be elegant, feminine, and outdoors; an all 'round fancy afternoon tea time. Oh, and large sun hats and dresses were a must!
My mom and I went scouting for locations that had a beautiful garden/outdoor area. After visiting several places such as the Sherman Library (Corona Del Mar) and Newport Beach Hyatt, which were terribly expensive, we were able to book the best (and cheapest) venue, the Oak Creek Golf Club in Irvine.  
Since my favorite color is GREEN and any shade thereof, naturally, my main color was: lime green. I am also a  fan of damask print and thought it was very suitable for my tea party.  I made most everything myself from invites to favors...

 Hand-Made Invitations 
  Supplies (quantities vary by the number of invites):
  • 5x7 blank invitations from Michael's 
  • Green Ribbon 
  • 8.5 x 11 ivory card stock
  • Color printer 
  • Name Labels (download here) Damask-Circle-Labels-Blank 
    1. I'm pretty good at Publisher, but you could create the template on Photoshop as well, and even word. Make sure to leave space for the name and ribbon.
    2. Download the Damask Name Labels, use Photoshop to add your name into the ovals.
    3. Print the Damask Name Labels onto the ivory card stock and cut out ovals.
    4. Wrap the ribbon around the top of the invite, gluing with any form of glue to the back of the invite.
    5. Glue the ovals in the center of the ribbon.
    Centerpieces: Flower Arrangements and Table Cards
    My flower arrangements were beautifully created by my mom with help from my dear friend, Kristin. It had some of my favorite flowers in bloom at the time: white hydrangea, lime green mums, white roses, and a few bright pink flowers. The vase was 2" short and cylindrical. Wet floral foam was cut almost the diameter of the vase to allow for a 1/2" space between the glass and foam. Limes were sliced and placed around the vase. Super cute!

    My table cards were vintage pictures of shoes, purses, and hats I found online, cut out, and glued together.

    Favors: Tea Bags & Jam
    Tea Bag Supplies
    1. Purchase a few boxes of teas for assortment
    2.  8.5 x 11 Avery full sheet label paper (5165)
    3. Download Blank Tea Labels
    Directions: Upload your label PDF to Photoshop and add your design. Print onto the Avery full sheet label paper and cut out. Peel the back and stick the label onto the back side of the tea bag (so you can still see the front with the flavor). 
    Jam Supplies:
    1. Purchase small jars of assorted jams, or you can make your own jam and bottle them in wholesale bottles.
    2. Purchase your choice of 1/2" ribbon
    3. 8.5 x 11 Avery full sheet label paper (5165)
    4. Download Jar Cap Labels and Thank You Labels. Or download my Lime Green Thank You Labels.
    5. Hole Puncher
    Directions: Upload your label PDFs to Photoshop and add your design. Print the Jar Cap Labels onto the Avery full sheet label paper and cut out. Peel the back and stick the label onto the cap. Cut out the Thank you labels and hole punch the corners. Tie the ribbon around the neck of the jar and add the Thank you card. 

    Bridal Shower Games
    The Stylish Bride: This one is clearly more fun for the guests, at the expense of the bride. Give the bride thick mittens, blind fold her and give her several strange articles of clothing to try to feel and guess how they are supposed to be put on. This was the result...

      Most Fabulous Hat Contest: all the hats are stunning of course, but it's at the discretion of the bride to select the most fabulous one!

     Stick in the Hole (if you know what I mean ;)
    You will need a few brooms and toilet paper. Make even teams with one person from the team holding a broom at one end. All members must put their toilette paper roll onto the stick only using their knees. The first team to finish, wins. This one is a crack up! 

    Swing your Ding-A-Ling! 
    For this 'interesting' game, you'll need some panty hose, oranges, and chalk. A set of 4-5 is sufficient. Everyone begins at a starting line and must knock their orange with the dangling orange as far as possible. It's not as easy as you think!!

    Design the Bridal Dress 
    This is a team game so each table is a team. Each table gets a styrofoam cone of the "bride" (a pic of her head will be attached) and a bag full of different fabrics, lace, pins, etc.  The teams get 15 -20 minutes to design a dress on the styrofoam cone.  The bride judges and decides which she likes the best and the whole table will get a prize.  

    I hope to have inspired a future bridal shower with such a beautiful and fun theme!(Photo Credits: my sister, Selina)
    My beautiful friends!


    1. I hope that I had a LITTLE something to do with this!!!!! YAY! Welcome, it's addictive..so beware.

      I am hosting a giveaway that ends tonight at 9pm. Get over to my blog now Oana and sign up!! That's an order!!

    2. Amazing! Genius ideas for a fun time... I plan on stealing all these games for my best friends shower! Thanks!

    3. Step one: Be rich

    4. I'm getting married July 2017 & I looked through your bridal games!!! I must admit those games were lots of eye catchers for me. Thank you so, so much for the amazing, astonishing games!!! It's liable to make my bridal shower a blast!!! And I have an 87 year old Granny, God Bless who will enjoy about 4 out of 5 I know for sure!!!! (She's not to keen on the Dressing a Doll, but she'll definitely try!!!!!! :-p) Thank you so, so much!!! If God blesses and allows me and my family to see 2017, I promise I will post pics for you to see what an impact you had and made my Bridal Shower the best Bridal Shower that they've ever been too!!!!! :-) ;-)

    5. I love that you have a head piece! May I ask where you got it from? Or if you made it yourself, how to make one for my friend. Thank you! :)

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