Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm going Ombre!

Ombre is a French word that means "shaded".

Everyone who's cool and stylish is doing it... well, not everyone, but it's definitely a super sexy hair trend! I had seen it in magazines and thought... hmmm, interesting, but it was not until I saw it on a fabulous friend of a friend {Blair} that I fell in love! She explained the process to me and the benefits so I did some research online and I'm SOLD. My appointment is next week, right before my trip to Europe! I'm so excited and I can't even wait because my super talented friend, Jeanna Pizzollo who works at Kud'ci Salon in Corona Del Mar {or Mama G, as we call her}, is going to do the honors. After pictures coming soon!

The down-low and details on Ombre Hair Color:

1. Ombre is a low-maintenance hair color technique.  Ombre is a hair color technique that is  easy to keep up. The closer the color is to your natural hair color, the easier the maintenance. 

2. Ombre is an easy way to grow out your roots.

Pictures of Ombre Color Technique

What do you think about Ombre?

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