Monday, June 13, 2011


Welcome to my new hobby, this blog. What do they say? You must be very polite with yourself when you are learning something new... Lord knows I tried while designing this blog. But after a couple of days, it's up and running and I'm proud to announce: this blog will represent everything that is FABULOUS, whether it be design, event planning ideas, photography, or music; anything's fair game!

A little bit about Moi.
I recently got married to a hunk, Alin, (I know, I know... but he really is!) who is my first true love.

And soon after we started our family with a Weimaraner named Leo (name credit goes to my mom)... My love for Leo is soo strong, it actually surprised me. It is so incredibly rewarding to have a dog... I love him SO much!

And last but not least I am the eldest daughter to two wonderful parents Livia & Ted and have an awesome sister, Selina. Just a side note: My mom is the real deal Martha Stewart, and I aspire to be just like her when I grow up.

I will probably write often about family and friends because I cherish being close to people I love, so you'll hear about these peeps again and then some. So, I bid you adieu and thank you for visiting my blog!
xo, Oana

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