Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Threads

A few of my friends frequently ask me to go shopping with them because they like my style in clothes. I'm truly flattered and take their request as such a compliment because I take pride in considering myself a Fashionista; especially when I research trends all the time, carefully pick out my outfits, and love fabrics, colors, and fashion design so much. That being said, I've decided to do a post about this summer's hot finds in the eyes of this Fashionista. 
A little background and disclaimer on my style... girly, chic, unique and classy with a hint of sexy. I don't do trashy, slutty, or trendy, unless I go to Vegas or a Britney concert, in which then I'll do up sexy. I'm kinda a brand whore for high-end designers I can't afford but it's mostly because they use fabrics I love and designs and cuts you can't find in regular stores. My style is not for everyone, of course.

Some of my summer must-have pieces:
    • dresses, dresses, dresses!
    • hats
    • a whiskey colored leather bag/purse
    • a black stiletto pump
    • a silky blouse
    • an elegant pair of shorts
    • a good watch
    • a maxi dress
    • a sexy Brazilian bathing suit
    • a flat sandal
    • a romper
    • wedge sandals
    Chic Silk Short Dresses
    Elizabeth and James Dress $395
    Alice + Olivia Silk Dress $495

    Diane Von Furstenburg Silk Dress $385

    The Maxi Dress

    Elizabeth and James $395
    City Chic

    Summer Pants

    Pants: Sonia $390 Bouse: APC $210 Hat: Pachacuti $80 
    The Jumpsuit, I have one in black silk

    Classy Shorts
    Creme Blouse: Equipment $210  Pink Shorts: Markus Lupfer $425

    Strut-Your-Stuff Cocktail Dresses

    Vince sequined dress $425

    Alexander Berman (sale) $285
    J.Crew $350

    Wedge Shoes
    Paloma Barcelo $275
    Diane von Furstenberg $295
    Ooh la la...Sexy Suit


    1. You should link the item to the website to buy it. I've clicked on a couple things hopping it would take me there.


    2. Kristin, I didn't have time to link them but I just did, for most, anyways...

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